Manpower Personnel training

Research & Development
1. Training for the market of the industry and emphasizing the importance of R & D.
2. Illustrating the product applications and the R & D projects timing.
3. Training for the independent and logical thinking, and the enhancement for high-tech products and profits.
4. Training for the research and development of hardware as well as the manipulation of the software.
Interpersonal Relationship
1. Training for the language proficiency, and the acquirement of the abilities for global communication and exploration.
2. Emphasizing the importance of cost-oriented and multiple sources.
3. Training for the negotiation skills and interpersonal relationships.
1. Training for the leadership of a team.
2. Controlling the automation, improving the production efficiency and reducing the manufacturing costs.
3. Emphasizing the quality awareness, reaching the goal of zero defects and the high standard of customer satisfaction.
1. Encouraging the participating in academic seminars; training for the forward-looking vision of the markets.
2. Training for the control of the supply and demands ; and overall evaluation.
3. Training for tacit understanding of the trust to hold market opportunities.
4. Training for the defense technology; providing the high-tech support.
Other Training
1. Internal and external training for professional skills.
2. Training for the language ability (English and Japanese).
3. Training for the business management (Leadership).
4. Training for the business management (Quality Control).

We focus on the professional knowledge in personnel training through bonding the learning and practical works, and actively develop the language and management skills. Then we assign the tasks of leading, developing.. ,and other essentials, depending on each one’s performance. Finally, we look forward new outstanding leaders in the organization.