Forward Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Company Basic Information
Stock Code 8085
Industry Category Other Electronics
Country of Registration of Foreign Enterprise
Company Name Forward Electronics Co., Ltd.
Telephone Switchboard (02)26730411
Address No. 22, Section 3, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City
Chairman Chi-Chang Hong
General Manager Shen,Ying-YI
Spokesman Sung,Cheng-Hsi
Spokesperson Title Financial Supervisor
Speaker's Telephone Number (02)26730411 extension 312
Acting Spokesperson Huang Xiuhua
Main Business LED packaging and lighting applications, backlight modules, digital TV modules, video boxes, variable resistors, switches, encoders, sensors, Bluetooth mice / headphones / remote controls, card readers, LCD display modules
Incorporation Date 59/08/31
Uniform Number for Profit Business 11825450
Paid-in Capital NTD$ 1,399,830,600
Listing Date 0
Coming Date 93/03/01
Opening date 92/03/31
Public Release Date 90/05/17
Denominations per Ordinary Share NTD$ 10.0000
Number of issued ordinary shares or TDR original shares 139,983,060 shares (including private placement of 0 shares)
Special Shares 0 Shares
Frequency of common stock surplus distributions or losses annual
Common stock year (including the fourth quarter or the second half) cash dividends and bonus resolution levels Shareholders Meeting
Stock Transfer Agency President Securities Co., Ltd.
Telephone Number (02)2747-8266
Transfer Address B1 Floor, No. 8 Dongxing Road, Songshan District, Taipei City
Visa Accounting Firm KPMG
Visa Accountant 1 Yuan-sheng Yin
Visa Accountant 2 Yung-sheng Wang
Special Issue of the Company None
Company Bond Issuance None
English Abbreviation FD
English Correspondence Address 22, Chungshan N. Rd., 3rd Sec.
English Correspondence Address (County, City and Country) Taipei, Taiwan.
Fax Number (02)26735889
E-mail Address
Company Website
Investor Relations Contact Sung,Cheng-Hsi
Investor Relations Contact Title Financial Supervisor
Investor relations contact number (02)26730411 extension 312
Investor Relations Email
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