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Shape a Friendly Workplace and Reflect Happiness
Forward Electronics adheres to the principle of honesty and operation, and complies with relevant government labor regulations to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. The total number of the company's group in 2019 is about 565, with no contracted personnel. The appointment of disabled workers is recommended by the company to participate in the "Selection of Model Workers with Disabilities" organized by the Labor Bureau of the New Taipei City Government, and has been awarded with honors, showing that Forward attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. The company has established a complete salary, bonus, labor and health insurance, group insurance and health check and other related welfare systems. Set up employee welfare committees to provide subsidies for marriage, childbirth, travel, funeral, children's scholarships, etc., and provide employee accommodation. The company's labor-management relations are harmonious and harmonious. It organizes employee tourism activities and hiking activities, and praises excellent model workers every year.
Friendly Workplace
Forward Electronis upholds the core value of "decent business management with loving care", all labor conditions, management systems and working rules formulated, and abides by relevant national government labor regulations in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. The company complies with relevant laws and regulations on gender equality, and issues "Procedures for Appealing and Disciplinary Measures against Sexual Harassment." "Respect for employees" is one of the company's operating principles. It always follows humane management, provides necessary assistance to employees in a timely manner, and provides a fair and reasonable working environment, trains employees 'professional skills, and helps employees' life grow.
Value Ethics
In addition to building a working environment for lifelong learning and growth, good moral integrity and correct values for employees, the company has also established relevant regulations such as the "Integrity Management Code", "Integrity Management Operating Procedures and Behavior Guidelines", and "Ethical Conduct Guidelines". All employees are required to strictly observe group discipline and corporate ethics, and jointly build a field of integrity, law abiding, and fairness, from which they can learn and dedicate.
Employee Rights
Forward Electronics complies with relevant laws and regulations, such as the Labor Law, Gender Work Equality Law, Employment Service Law, Personal Data Protection Law, Appeals and Disciplinary Measures for Prevention of Sexual Harassment, except for employees who have joined labor insurance, health insurance and group insurance, and enjoy physiological leave and childcare In addition to various leave benefits such as leave and family care leave, retirement benefits are provided according to the old and new employees. At the same time, in order to recognize the long-term contributions of senior employees and excellent employees to the company, continuous rewards and model labor awards and bonuses were presented. The company regularly holds labor-management consultation meetings with employee representatives to allow employees to fully understand the company's major policies and developments, to express opinions in a timely manner, to establish smooth communication channels, and to ensure employees' rights and interests.
Retirement System
Forward Electronics established the Labor Retirement Reserve Supervision Committee in accordance with the Labor Law. At the end of each year, the actuary is invited to do actuarial calculations. After passing the above committee, the company reserves monthly retirement reserves in Taiwan bank accounts. For employees who meet the retirement requirements, the company calculates the pension base based on their years of service and issues pensions. Employees who meet the new system of labor retirement shall be provided with a monthly pension in accordance with the law and remitted to their personal accounts.
Employee Relations
Forward Electronics attaches importance to harmonious labor-management relations, and conducts labor-management communication and interaction through communication platforms such as monthly meetings, labor-management consultations, family days, and year-end and annual meetings to enhance interpersonal relationships and work morale. The company handles labor relations with a sincere attitude, and values and responds properly to suggestions made by employees or labor consultations. In order to motivate employees to make full use of their talents, the company ’s newly appointed and promoted supervisors at the Buda Conference were personally attended by the general manager. The new supervisor is expected to take on a greater mission, encourage new employees to contribute, and understand the voice of colleagues.
RBA Management Conference
Security and Health Conference
Labor Benefit Conference
Performance of Social Responsibility
Evaluation ItemsOperation / Summary
I. Implementing Corporate Governanc
1.Does the company formulate a corporate social responsibility policy or system, and review the effectiveness of implementation?
2.Does the company regularly hold social responsibility education and training?
3.Does the company have a full-time (part-time) unit that promotes corporate social responsibility and is authorized by the board of directors to deal with it at the senior management level and report the situation to the board of directors?
4. Does the company formulate a reasonable salary and remuneration policy, combine employee performance evaluation systems with corporate social responsibility policies, and establish clear and effective reward and punishment systems?
1. Forward Electronics's board of directors has formulated the "Code of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices" and is committed to promoting the "Social Responsibility Management Manual". At the same time as business operations, it actively implements corporate social responsibility to meet the international trend of balancing environmental, social and corporate governance development, to implement and promote corporate social responsibility.

2.Forward Electronics promotes the "Social Responsibility Management Manual", through various meetings and education and training, to continuously publicize the company's business philosophy and social responsibility obligations, and regularly review the implementation situation.

3.Forward Electronics designated the General Office of Operations Management as a full-time unit to promote corporate social responsibility, which instructs the heads of various departments to plan and perform corporate social responsibility in accordance with their departmental functions, and reports to the board of directors on a regular basis

4.Forward Electronics has established working rules and promulgated relevant corporate ethics, requiring employees to abide by relevant regulations and ethical norms, and set a reasonable salary and remuneration policy, in conjunction with the performance evaluation system to clearly and effectively implement the reward and punishment system.
II. Developing a Sustainable Environment
1.Is the company committed to improving the utilization efficiency of various resources and using recycled materials with low impact on the environmental load?
2.Does the company establish an appropriate environmental management system based on its industrial characteristics?
3.Does the company pay attention to the impact of climate change on operating activities, and conduct greenhouse gas inventory and formulate strategies for energy conservation and carbon reduction and greenhouse gas reduction?
1.Forward Electronics continues to actively promote the clean production process. The raw materials used in the production process are based on the components that have the lowest impact on the environmental load. The solvent used in the current process and the concentrated waste liquid will be entrusted to the manufacturer to take the reuse route. Part of the raw materials also cooperate with the manufacturer to regenerate the concentrated waste liquid and reuse it at the process end.

2.Forward Electronics pays attention to the promotion of the environment and occupational safety and health management system, and continuously carries out ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO / TS-16949 system verification every year to check whether the company has room for improvement; in 2019, the Three Gorges Plant passed the ISO 45001 occupation Annual external audit of safety and health management system and ISO-27001 information security management system certification; the company also has a "sampling strategy and monitoring operations for harmful operating environments", with the goal of effectively achieving environmental safety maintenance, energy conservation and carbon reduction, and in accordance with regulations Obey.

3.In order to implement the company's environmental responsibility, the company's energy consumption under the energy-saving scheme is 430K kWh, carbon reduction 200 metric tons, and 50 KW Taiyuan energy generation system. The power generation year is 28,028 kWh.
III. Maintain Social Welfare
1.Does the company formulate relevant management policies and procedures in accordance with relevant regulations and international human rights conventions?
2.Has the company established employee complaint mechanisms and channels and handled them properly?
3.Does the company provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees, and regularly implement safety and health education for employees?
4.Does the company establish a regular communication mechanism for employees and notify in a reasonable manner of operational changes that may have a significant impact on employees?
5.Does the company establish effective career development training programs for employees?
6.Does the company formulate relevant consumer protection policies and complaint procedures for R & D, procurement, production, operations and service processes?
7.For the marketing and labeling of products and services, does the company comply with relevant regulations and international standards?
9.Does the contract between the company and its main suppliers include provisions for suppliers to terminate or terminate the contract at any time if the supplier is involved in violation of its corporate social responsibility policy and has a significant impact on the environment and society?
1.Forward Electronics has working rules in accordance with labor regulations and relevant personnel regulations to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

2.Forward Electronics complies with the requirements of government labor related laws and regulations, and establishes measures for implementing the employee complaint system, which stipulates that the employees' legitimate rights and interests are protected, and humane treatment is given to all employees. Labor and management meetings and suggestion boxes to understand the ideas of both parties to achieve a win-win situation for labor and management.

3.Forward Electronics implements the 5S campaign to provide employees with a clean environment and provide safety protection equipment required for employees' safety and health. Supervisors and security units will regularly review the working environment and regularly implement operating environment monitoring in accordance with the law and timely due to regulatory changes. Update safety and health practices. It also regularly conducts employee health checks and implements safety and health education for employees. Except that the inspection items are better than the legal items, a medical office is also set up in the company, and a resident physician is specially invited to see the doctor, so that employees can enjoy professional medical consulting services in the factory. In terms of training, an education training plan is prepared each year. Appropriate training courses are arranged for common courses, license courses and professional courses according to the needs of various units, and professional knowledge required for safety is provided to improve the professional ability of colleagues.

4.Forward Electronics' "Social Responsibility Management Manual" sets out labor and management communication management methods, and sets up suggestion boxes, regularly holds labor and management meetings for two-way communication, and actively understands and reasonably meets the needs of colleagues.

5.Forward Electronics' human resources unit has a complete training plan for the development of my colleagues' careers, so that my colleagues can perform duties in existing positions and at the same time learn the skills necessary for promotion. The company also encourages employees to evaluate their interests, skills, values and goals and communicate personal career intentions with managers to plan future career plans.

6.Forward Electronics attaches great importance to customer feedback, and the dedicated unit handles the service programs of customer opinions, to ensure that it provides the best customer service performance and achieves the protection of rights and interests, and establishes a customer-oriented quality system, using objective methods and standards Processes to assess customer satisfaction with our products or services.
Forward Electronics' products have been labeled in compliance with relevant regulations and international standards.

7.Forward Electronics' "Social Responsibility Management Manual" has stipulated management methods for suppliers and subcontractors. Regular visits to factories are conducted to assess eligibility, and to strengthen the inspection of suppliers for records that affect the environment and society.

8.Forward Electronics requires suppliers to provide raw materials with no guarantee of harmful substances, and the company evaluates and investigates the transaction objects in advance. The suppliers are all companies that are committed to the reuse of social resources and have no record of affecting the environment and society.

9.Forward Electronics' board of directors has established the "Integrity Management Operating Procedures and Conduct Guidelines", and the "RBA Electronics Industry Code of Conduct" has provisions for the management of beneficiaries and banquet entertainment. All suppliers shall abide by the company's honesty policy. In case of violation, sever contacts, in order to obtain the most reasonable quotation, the best quality and the best service, so as to achieve the purpose of the company and suppliers working together to enhance corporate social responsibility.
IV. Strengthen Information Disclosure
Does the company disclose relevant and reliable CSR-related information on its website and public information observation stations?
The company fulfills its corporate social responsibility. In addition to disclosure on the company's website and public information observation stations, it also discloses the situation and related information on promoting corporate social responsibility every year and in its annual report.
V. If the company has its own corporate social responsibility code in accordance with the "Code of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices of Listed Over-the-Counter Companies", please describe the differences between its operation and the code:
Forward Electronics has formulated the “Corporate Social Responsibility Code”, and there is no significant difference between its operation and the “Code of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices of Listed Over-the-Counter Companies”, please refer to our website for related content. In addition, we will contribute to environmental protection, social contributions, social services, social welfare, consumer rights, human rights, safety and health, and other social responsibility activities from time to time.
VI. Other important information that helps to understand the operation of corporate social responsibility:
1.Forward Electronics manages its employees in accordance with relevant regulations such as the Labor Standards Law, and has a dedicated person to handle various work benefits of employees to protect their rights.
2.Social welfare: Forward Electronics calls on all colleagues to participate in charitable fundraising by sponsoring charity activities, such as: charitable donations. In addition to donating charity funds to charitable organizations, it also calls on corporate employees to participate in charitable activities.
3.Human rights: Forward Electronics' "Social Responsibility Management Manual" contains management measures for child labor and juvenile labor. Child labor has never been hired. In addition, according to the Gender Equality Law and Employment Service Law, work rules are established, and labor conferences are held regularly. A "Guidelines for Operation Procedures and Conduct of Integrity Management" has been established.
4.Balance work and life: Forward Electronics implements a childcare leave pay system in accordance with laws and regulations, and provides measures such as paternity leave, physiological leave and nursing room; encourages employees to take vacations, provides vacation travel subsidies and regular health checks.
5.本Forward Electronics has purchased liability insurance for directors and managers.