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Evaluation ItemsOperation / Summary
I. Establishing integrity management policies and plans
1. Does the company clearly show its policies and practices of good faith in its regulations and external files, and the board of directors and management's commitment to actively implement business policies?
2. Does the company have a plan to prevent dishonesty, and set the operating procedures, behavior guidelines, punishment and appeal system for violations in each plan, and implement it?
3. Does the company take precautionary measures against any business activities that have a high risk of dishonesty in the second paragraph of Article 7 of the "Code of Conduct for Integrity of Listed Companies?"
1.Forward Electronics complies with the Company Law, Securities Exchange Law, Commercial Accounting Law, relevant regulations on listing and listing, or other relevant laws and regulations on business practices as the basis for implementing integrity management.
2.The "Corporate Social Responsibility Code" of the Company contains "Administrative Measures for Donated Goods and Banquets", "Reward and Punishment Operation Measures", "Working Rules", etc., expressly stipulating that all employees shall not directly or indirectly provide or accept any unreasonable gifts, entertainment, or other improper benefits, to prevent employees from sacrificing the company's rights for personal gain.
3.Forward Electronics has an "Integrity Operation Procedures and Behavior Guide" to regulate the relevant operation procedures and implement them accordingly.
II. Implementing Integrity Management
1. Does the company evaluate the integrity records of the counterparties, and set out the terms of honest conduct in the contracts signed with the counterparties?
2. Does the company set up a full-time (part-time) unit that promotes corporate integrity management under the board of directors and regularly reports its implementation to the board of directors?
3. Does the company have a conflict of interest policy in place, provide an appropriate presentation channel, and implement it?
4. Has the company established an effective accounting system and internal control system for the implementation of integrity management, and is regularly audited by the internal audit unit or commissioned by an accountant to perform the audit?
5. Does the company regularly conduct internal and external education and training on integrity management?
1.Before dealing with other companies, we will first consider the legality of the suppliers and customers, and consider whether they have records of dishonesty, and sign a "Supplier Commitment Letter" with the supplier.
2.Forward Electronics' promotion of corporate integrity management is the responsibility of the General Administration of Operations Management, which reports to the board of directors.
3.If there is a conflict of interest in the business, the supervisor must be notified and avoided in advance according to the employment contract to prevent a conflict of interest. When there is a conflict of interest in any motion of the board of directors, the board of directors abides by the principle of avoidance, does not participate in the discussion, and does not participate in voting.
4.In order to ensure the integrity of the operation, Forward Electronics has established an effective accounting system and internal control system. Internal auditors regularly check the compliance with the preceding system. Accountants also review the implementation of the company's internal control system every year.
5.In the daily business of Forward Electronics, we pay attention to all employees to implement the principle of good faith, handle relevant education and training, and release relevant promotional materials from EIP from time to time.
III. Operation of the company's report system
1. Does the company have a specific reporting and rewarding system, establish a reporting channel that facilitates reporting, and assign appropriate personnel responsible for receiving reports?
2. Does the company have established standard operating procedures and related confidentiality mechanisms for investigating reports?
3. Does the company take measures to protect prosecutors from being mishandled as a result of a report?
1.The company's board of directors has established the "Integrity Management Operation Procedures and Conduct Guidelines", and the "Corporate Social Responsibility Code" contains the "Employment Appeal System Implementation Measures". For violations of the integrity management regulations, the company shall report and punish them in accordance with relevant regulations, and disclose information such as cases of violations of this Code or integrity in the company's internal website.
2.Forward Electronics has clearly formulated the reporting and punishment system in the “Working Rules”, “Implementation Measures for Employee Appeal System” and “Measures for Reward and Punishment Operations”, and announced to all colleagues.
3.Forward Electroncis has a confidentiality mechanism to prevent unfair dismissal of whistleblowers and workplace retaliation.
IV. Strengthen Information Disclosure
Does the company disclose relevant and reliable CSR-related information on its website and public information observation stations?
Our company uses a website to disclose information related to integrity management, and expressly strives to ensure that the information disclosed by the company to the public is complete, fair, correct, timely and understandable.
V. If the company has its own code of integrity based on the "Code of Integrity of Listed Companies", please describe the difference between its operation and the code:
The board of directors of the Company has adopted the "Integrity Management Code" without any differences