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Talent Education
Staff training first focuses on professional knowledge and ability, closely integrates their professional learning with practical work, and actively cultivates language and management capabilities, and then considers its development, giving leadership, development, and other tasks, with a view to becoming an important company cadre.
The aspect of design.
  1. Understand the needs of the industry and the importance of developing products.
  2. The scope of application of R & D products and the immediacy of R & D.
  3. Cultivate independent R & D thinking logic to create high-tech products and profits.
  4. In addition to hardware research and development; software operations should also be cultivated.
Interpersonal aspects
  1. Training language skills, so that they have the ability to communicate and search globally.
  2. The importance of strengthening cost awareness and multiple sources.
  3. Training negotiation skills and interpersonal relationships.
Aspects of Manufacturing
  1. Learning leadership method of team.
  2. Control of automation, improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.
  3. Strengthen the concept of quality, pursue the goal of zero defects, and make customers satisfied.
Aspects of Sales
  1. Encourage more participation in academic seminars; train the market foresight.
  2. The importance of training market supply and demand control; and thorough evaluation.
  3. Train the tacit understanding of multi-party reliability; and then gain market business opportunities.
  4. Training defense needs science and technology; providing necessary high-tech support.
Other education and training
  1. Internal training and external training in professional technical fields.
  2. Language (English, Japanese) training.
  3. Management (Leadership) training.
  4. Management (quality control) training.