Forward Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Service, trust and satisfaction are our commitment to customers.

Core technology of electronic components

Consistent processing technology

  • Precision mold technology
  • Stamping technology
  • Injection molding technology
  • Printing Technology

Advanced component technology

  • Carbon slurry grinding technology
  • Screen printing technology
  • Technology products, mold design
  • Technical production

Consistent processing technology

This is Forward's unique technology, which constructs the structural functions of key switches, variable resistors, encoders and sensors. This unique technology is suitable for miniaturization, thinness, and lightweight design, and is applied to various electronic equipment products.

Technology Introduction

Automatic printing machine

Stamping parts

R & D

CNC working machine

Injection molded parts

Injection molding machine

Injection molded parts

Customer Service Support System

  • Product Design
  • Sales Department
  • Mold department
  • Equipment department
  • Production and sales department
  • Quality Control Department
  • Component manufacturing department
  • Product Assembly Department