Forward Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Welfare System
Welfare items and facilities
  • Free lunch, staff welfare store and special fruit department staff
  • Regularly organize various competitions, birthday and New Year gifts, employee travel, hiking activities, etc.
  • Basketball court, indoor pool, billiards, fitness equipment, KTV room for colleagues.
  • Various free evening professional and leisure courses.
  • Free Popular Movies.
medical service
  • In addition to all my colleagues participating in the labor health insurance, we have a medical office that meets the standards, and employs medical staff to perform medical and health care.
  • Enjoy group accident insurance, and occupational medicine and family medicine physician on-site service
Various subsidies
  • Marriage grant
  • Maternity grant
  • Military service grant
  • Funeral grant
  • Education grant
  • On March 1, 2004, the stocks went smoothly to the market, implemented the concept of workers' stocks, and implemented dividends and shares.